Capital Region Community Dashboard

Life in the Capital Region Dashboard Executive Summary: Demographics

The Capital Region’s older population is growing faster than the total population.

Percent Change in Elderly Population, 2010 to 2018

Cumberland is the fastest growing county both in the Capital Region and PA.

Percent Change in Total Population, 2010 to 2018

The Hispanic population is growing much faster than the general population.

Percent Change in Hispanic/Latino Population, 2010 to 2018

Individuals with limited English proficiency (LEP) increased to nearly 20,000 in the Capital Region by 2017. Close to 5% of Dauphin County’s population is LEP, above the statewide average (4%).

+20,000 LEP Speakers

Rent is more expensive in Cumberland and Dauphin compared to the state.

Average Gross Rent, 2017

In Cumberland and Dauphin, over 40% of renters live in unaffordable housing - where monthly housing costs equal or exceed 30% of a household’s income.
Over a quarter of all households (27%) in the Capital Region have unaffordable housing costs as of 2017.

1 in 4 can't afford

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